GCSF Annual Awards & Scholarship

Julia Maloney Scholarship

Julia Maloney was an elementary school teacher in Garden City for forty-seven years. She was so devoted to Garden City youth that she left a large part of her estate to further the education of Garden City High School graduates. This scholarship is awarded in her honor: $3,000 annually for four years.


  • A candidate for graduation from Garden City High School
  • Candidate must currently have at least a 90 weighted average
  • Candidate must be planning to attend a post-secondary institution


  • The candidate will submit a 250 – 500 word essay describing the impact a special teacher had in his/her life.
    • This award is made possible by Julia Maloney, a teacher who wanted to shed light on a job she loved.
    • It is helpful for students to think of this as they consider the teacher and write the essay.
  • Exceptional academic achievement
  • Significant involvement in school and community activities

Application Process

  • Attached application must be submitted to Guidance Office (typically due in early March).
  • Two letters of recommendation (from other than relatives) must be included with the application.
    • At least one letter must be from a Garden City resident. The letter should speak to the character, integrity and or uniqueness of the student.
    • Copies of reference letters from your Guidance Department file are not acceptable.
  • All questions must be answered completely.
  • Include a copy of High School Transcript and Activity Sheet. The Activity Sheet should reflect school and community activities, as well as any awards and recognition you have received in these activities.
  • Finalists will be interviewed by the selection committee in early May.
  • Scholarship will be presented at the Senior Awards Ceremony in May.
  • The winner will read his/her essay during the graduation ceremony in June with the recognized teacher present (if possible).

Education Postponement

If the winner chooses to postpone his/her college education, the scholarship may be reserved for up to one year from the date of graduation.

Unsung Hero Award


Do you know a classmate with some special qualities? One who has faced some unique circumstances or challenges? One who has put the needs of others ahead of his/her own? One who has inspired or motivated you in a positive way that is not typically recognized or rewarded?


  • The “Unsung Hero” will win a $2000 Scholarship
  • The Nominator will win a $1000 Scholarship


  • This award is given to a student who possesses some very special qualities; someone who has faced unique circumstances or challenges, or has been a positive inspiration to others.
  • The nominee and nominator must both be members of the senior graduating class.

Application Process

  • To apply, submit a 300-400 word essay nominating your “Unsung Hero”.
  • Tell us why you admire him/her.
  • Explain why they are an Unsung Hero – a person who makes a substantive yet unrecognized contribution; a person whose strength of character is unknown or unacknowledged.
  • Essays should be submitted in the Guidance Office (typically due in early March).

“Helping Hand” Award

The purpose of the “Helping Hand Award” is to provide financial assistance, in the form of a one-time monetary award, to a graduating Garden City High School senior that is facing a significant, personal or familial hardship that is likely to impede his/her ability to pursue post-secondary education or post-secondary job training.


The award will be a one-time monetary award.  It is the aim of the GCSF to allocate approximately $2,500 each year to this award, but that determination will be subject to GCSF approval each year.

Selection Criteria

  1. The recipient must be chosen collectively by the guidance counselors at the Garden City High School.  In considering the candidates, the guidance counselors shall discuss – and base their decision on – the following considerations:
  • The nature of the hardship, and
  • The likely impact of the award on the student’s ability to pursue post-secondary education or post-secondary job training.  This is not to be construed as being limited to tuition costs. 
  1. If, during the course of selection, a question arises as to the amount of the award (for example, to assess its likely impact), the Guidance Office shall contact the Principal, who will then consult with the GCSF.
  2. The guidance counselors’ decision must be endorsed by the Principal of the Garden City High School.

Other Requirements

  1. Those involved in the selection and endorsement process must not disclose the name of the recipient (or the names of the other candidates) to the GCSF, except where the GCSF must write a check for the recipient (and there, the name may be disclosed only to the GCSF person responsible for writing checks). 
  2. Neither the guidance office nor the Garden City High School shall disclose the existence of the award or the name of the recipient, except to the recipient.  
  3. Guidance shall undertake, to the extent possible, to ensure that the funds provided with the award are directed to the purpose for which the award is intended.  
  4. Note that the GCSF may publicly disclose (generally and without specifics) that it funds a needs-based, hardship award.

Student Club Awards

The Garden City Scholarship Fund provides several awards from $250 – $1000 each year to deserving seniors who have distinguished themselves to our high school community and our community at large through their participation and exemplary service as a member of a student club at Garden City High School. The Garden City Scholarship Fund sees this as a wonderful opportunity to recognize students that are service-oriented.

Each Club advisor will have the opportunity to nominate one senior from his/her club whose contributions to the organization have been extraordinary. The GCSF committee will review all of the submittals provided by the club advisors and the scholarship winners will be recognized at the High School Awards ceremony at the end of the school year.